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It is good, so good that I can remember having seen this face. Must have been in a horror movie in the 70's/80's around but I cannot think of the title or what especially it was about, just being reminded of the face and the girl.

To me it looks clearly that the girl must either be a zombie or being infested by some inhabitant, eating her up from inwards to outwards.

The picture really looks scary. I guess that is the effect it should cause. I nice idea for Halloween. Scars in her face and rotten flesh really makes her looking sick and ugly.

The effects are good created. The scars are really looking like deeply engraved into the skin and the holes really look like some opening gaps. When you put your fingers into one of the holes, you can peel the skin off.

Colours are very well chosen. Mostly dark for beeing mysterious and eerie. The green gives really the effect of "compost", something that rots. Interesting are the brown eyes. They look malicious on one side and on the other the amber is soft and a bit helpless.

All in one - a great digital work!
The Artist thought this was FAIR
5 out of 5 deviants thought this was fair.


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