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The first human job sharing might have been into shaman and non-shaman, with other words: HSP and non-HSP. The earliest task of a shaman or High Sensitive were probably the observation, interpretation and influencing of nature. It was HSPs who recognized the relations between man and nature, observed the weather cycles and interpreted the most favourable time for cultivation, harvesting or chasing. They were mediators between mankind and the non-human or godly world and thus some kind of a primeval priest. The conjuration of natural demons by self-created images with the help of rhythms and plastic models and the creation of communication with the higher powers could be considered as beginnings of ceremony and art. Besides the priesthood, HSPs also dominated the domain of art and science. Further traditional responsibilities of High Sensitives were the tradition and archives. In addition, HSPs often were competent in healing and health, the wholeness and life-help. Another resort was that of a consultant who cared for the maintenance of social stability by forming the voice of reason and deliberateness on the side of ruling people. Thus HSPs had a firm place in the middle of society where their far-sightedness and complex perception was highly appreciated.

Highly Sensitive People have according to a psychological disposition an increased susceptibility for stimulations. This increased receptivity for outer (e.g. noises, odours, contacts) und inner stimulations (e.g. reminiscences, ideas, thoughts) leads to the fact that Highly Sensitives perceive more information. In addition, they process these vastly deeper and profounder than non-Highly Sensitive People.

Typical mostly positive lived aspects of high sensitiveness are:

- marked intuition and the ability to read between the lines
- strong sense of justice and idealism
- sensitiveness
- intensive feeling, perception and living
- perfectionism und reliability
- very good perception of details
- being strongly attracted by the beauty of nature and art
- thinking in wider connections, deep reflection
- strong sympathy for the sorrow but also for the happiness of other people
- susceptibility for mysticism and symbolism
- creativity

Typical mostly negative lived aspects of high sensitiveness are:

- support stress and hectic only with difficulty
- inclination to diverse oversensitivenesses (allergies, food incompatibilities etc.)
- have difficulties in demarcation
- being startled easily
- the feeling to be less able to stress
- inclination to overreaction
- inclination to pondering
- the frequent need to withdraw

A lot of HSPs are strongly empathetic. They strongly get into the spirit of their fellow-men, thus share their feelings and obtain on this way understandig for the action of the others. Empathy is a gift that makes it possible to have a close link to the psyche of other people. People who project themselves too much into other peoples' mind are endangered to put their own wishes and feeling so far in the background that they forget to perceive them not at all.

Further typical abilities and talents of Highly Sensitive People are:

- great potential in recognizing of avoiding of mistakes or errors
- conscientiousness and ethics
- above-average ability to concentrate
- marked ability to recognize little differences
- Reflectiveness, reflection, thorough procession of the perceived
- being very critical and perfectionist
- lifelong ability to learn and curiosity
- strong influence by stimulations and emotions of others (positive as well as negative)
- good listener, patient
- rather "right brain-half" thinker, that means less straight but instead of creative and synthesizing.

A negative side-effect of the high sensitivity is the early reach of feelings like flood of stimulation or overtaxation. So, vapours or dust in the air can influence a Highly Sensitive as strong as loud music, glaring light, tight clothes or the noises of computers or other machinery. Hunger can bring a Highly Sensitive so out of control that he cannot concentrate any longer even with great efforts. Lack of sleep reduces the efficiency of HSPs massively, mutual tensions or conflicts upset them completely and in situations of competition or under observation it is more difficult for them to obtain good results. Often there will be found a strong appeal of Highly Sensitives to fears, sorrows and needs of their fellow-men or other creatures in general. A lot of difficulties go along with the fact that a Highly Sensitive Person expects unconsciously the same sensitiveness from his fellows. This can easily lead to be misunderstood or to feel being treated unjust. Often the Highly Sensitives are those who risk their lives in times of terror and absurdity to help other or to honour the truth.

However, in our modern Western civilisation HSPs are rather pushed to the edge. They mostly do not place themselves into the foreground, feel not well in situation of competition and thus are mostly thos in professional life who obtain no promotion. They do not put themselves on the stage or sell themselves noisy. Besides that, the professions which former were typical for Highly Sensitive People changed in recent times und now they are too profit-oriented and nerve-racking. Professional refuges for Highly Sensitives are still therapist, psychologist, helping professions but also programmer and other resorts where consequent logic is asked as well as recesses in teachership. Also scientists, artists and archivists of knowledge and art are still in the hands of High Sensitives.

But all societies and life-forms sooner or later pay their price for the non-integrity and non-consideration of the valuable and particular abilities of their highly sensitive representatives. A society without a sensitive consultant will come sometime into difficulties because it is lacking the necessary balance against the cult of the stronger and the chase for short-term success. These difficulties can already be seen and felt and it is hopefully only a question of time until it will be acted correspondingly.
An essay about Highly Sensitives.
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Bevore the systeme ruined my life, it was exactly like that.


Breath in - Sunrise
Breath out - Sunset
Daylight - Breathing
Citylights - Breathing

Heart - Rhythm - Beats
Keep breathing

Fire in your Eyes
Dreams of open Skies
Need breathing

Light it up
Breath in


Wandering in the empty streets of our wishes, a rain-drop runs down your nose, clips to its top - Breath out

20.001 raindrops create together one sea
How could they be alone
While falling

In the rain
Lay down
Your burning guitar

The crashing drops will play for you
Listen for 20.001 hits
"firebirds in the magic night"

20.000 miles away, 1 voice
Life is everywhere, one rhythm
So please, dance with me.
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safyia110 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This was highly informative and insightful, thank you~  ^^  My mate and I are both HSP's but totally different in the way in which we view things and go about life~ 

If you ever decide to add to this journal, you may wish to touch upon the inherent sensitivity many HSP's have to technology, like computers/internet~  My mate can decipher code without ever having learned how, and has intuitively fixed many a broken program at work all on intuition, while I struggle to keep my pc's running properly due to draining electrical appliances [batteries mostly]~  Yet we both are effected when in the midst of Wi-Fi hotspots~  We tend to keep away from the larger cities where they're everywhere~
Malintra-Shadowmoon Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for your comment.

And I am always glad to get some feedback from people concerned themselves, so that I can enlarge my researches I have already done :)
safyia110 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
anytime!  I wanted to say more, but I was just getting off of work, and had to dash~  One thing I have noticed over here in the states with urban HSP's is a prevalence towards drug use as a means to cope~  Legal, or otherwise~  lol, that's probably an article all on its own, though~
shehrozeameen Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This essay is self-sufficient, carries its message well, delivers its points fluently and clearly, and its grammatically correct. What's more, this work is also decent because it covers the introspective consideration about why HSP are an important asset to our society, and how they are integrated (or not integrated) into it.

It would have been nice to make references to Casandra (of Troy), and Notre Dame (of Venice and Florence) as well as Joan of Arc (France) in this context, since technically speaking they were highly sensitive individuals.

You could also have made special reference to Coleridge and Carroll, or even germans like Beethoven, or Mahler. Specificity might have helped in supporting your construction. That's my opinion.
Yama-no-K Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
Wow...this was very insightful actually. I know a few people in my life that seem to fall within this category - not necessarily completely - but it certainly gives me perspective in regards to it. I seem to have a significant number of these traits, so I guess that means I'm sensitive in certain aspects as well. *chuckles*

Thanks for sharing that. ^^
Malintra-Shadowmoon Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You are very welcome.

Only you yourself can tell you if you fit in and being sensitive. Not only compare with the writing. Just ask yourself! What do you feel? What does your heart and your gut feeling tell you?

I think that you can only find a true answer in your inner self :)
xDunkelseelex Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohman da kenne ich so einiges von...^^" auch von den negativen Dingen..Mit Stress kann man mich jagen und ich geh da laufen.uaaah.^^usw.^^
Zurzeit merke ich dieses Senible so ziemlich..werd kirre wenn zu viele Veränderungen am Stück auf mich einprasseln..da ists auch kein Unterschied ob es was großes oder kleines an Veränderungen knallt irgendwie doppelt und dreifach auf mich ein.x.X
Schöner Text übrigens.^^
Malintra-Shadowmoon Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Meistens sind mehr Leute davon betroffen, als sie von sich selbst aus zugeben würden. Mir geht es ähnlich, bei mir hauptsächlich in Bezug auf Chats. In einem kollektiven Chat bin ich höchstens 5 Minuten. Dann wird es mir zuviel.

Danke für deinen Kommentar :)
xDunkelseelex Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bei Massenchats gehts noch, kommt aufs Thema an...meistens schalteich da einfach ab weils zu uninteressant wird.^^

Gern doch.:)
Malintra-Shadowmoon Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Comments and feelings are welcome :)
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