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Long Poems

Long poems mean more than 3 stanzas - based on topic of your choice, only free verse format.


Special Offers: Dream Interpretation

If you have always wanted to know what your dream might have as meaning, I will tell you. Tell me your dream and I will tell who you are and how you are. Every dream has a significant message and should not be ignored.

Of course, I am obliged to silence. I have worked for some time as online interpreter but requests were growing over my head :)

I will start another trial. You cannot imagine how many people can be helped just by telling them what is bothering them and how to confront these problems.

Please sent me your dreams per note/message. You will get the answer per note/message too. I am always ready to answer question if there will be any.


Spires by caughtinthehurricane

Another original digital work. It gives impression of a sub-terranian area with stalaktites and stalagmites. You have really made the c...

Smoke and Bone by caughtinthehurricane

This is a very original digital work. It is a mixture between a young beautiful girl and a death skull. Interesting is here the unnotic...

Welcome home, son. by caughtinthehurricane

First of all I think that it is a little masterpiece of digital work. The rocks are very sharp depicted and it can be seen that they ar...

I am a Foreign Language Admin for DLR

What does that mean?

That means I keep an eye out for the best literature on dA in German and French language (poetry and prose).
If you think you have a suggestion for me, read on!

What is DailyLitRecognition?

DLR is a group dedicated to promoting the work of literature artists on deviantArt.

By showcasing featured DLRs in foreign languages as well as in English the literature gallery moderators provide the community with a showcase of excellence in Literature. In contrast, we will be showcasing excellence with a series of literature pieces each day in a News Article to serve the community. We are a diverse group featuring 5 pieces of quality literature every day.

In such a large community many writers feel that their work goes unnoticed.
Many foreign language authors do not get the recognition they deserve mostly because of language barriers.
The DLR is here to help change that!

How do I suggest a DLR?
Please take this form for a suggestion:

Suggested by: deviant
Featured by: deviant
Title by deviant
Description goes here!

Please only suggest a piece to one Admin at a time to avoid any confusion.

If you have a suggestion for me, please send me a note!

:bulletblue: Please send no more than two suggestions at a time. This makes it easier for me to keep up.

:bulletblue: I can feature poetry or prose in either German or French, though I try to focus more on poetry.

:bulletblue: Please include a thumb and a description of why you think this piece deserves to be featured. It does not have to be a full critique - a few sentences will do nicely!

:bulletblue: Yes, you can suggest yourself! If you deserve it, you deserve it! But please do not send me your entire gallery - remember I have to actually read everything sent to me.

:bulletblue: All the Admins have a certain style they enjoy. I myself like writing spiritual, emotional, philosophical pieces and reading historical works as well as a bit of fantasy, so I'm more likely to feature things with those qualities. However, I will read and consider anything sent to me. I do have to ask though, that they are standalone pieces - not chapters. I cannot accept fanfiction either.

Remember: Each deviant can only be featured once per month!


Shall I start a new interfaiths group besides my paranormal/parapsychological one? 

5 deviants said Yes (explain why and would you like to join?)
2 deviants said What faiths would you like to be included? (I am open to everything)
2 deviants said Last but not least ... a thought (if you have no idea about that topic what comes up into your mind?)
1 deviant said No (explain only if you like to)
1 deviant said Would you be interested in me creating one (explain why and would you like to join)?
No deviants said Others (explain why)



Malintra-Shadowmoon has started a donation pool!
1,523 / 1,500
I would like to keep premium membership and spread some points to friends. Sometime I would like to promote giveaways and contests.

When you like my art, I would be glad for support :)

:points:-Prices for llama, watch, fave

1 - 5 :points: = Llama, 2 Faves
6 - 15 :points: = Llama, 5 Faves
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Add 2 :points: each Fave for one of my special comments ....

Send me the :points: , remove "For your donation pool" and replace by your wishes "Llama, Watch, specical comment, Fave and how many faves or special comments you want!

:points: - Prices for Feature (page journal here or one of my group journals)

10 :points: = 3 days
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Theses are :points: - prices for one deviation. Please add 10 :points: for each additional deviation.

Send me the :points:, remove "For your donation pool" and replace by "Please feature me x months, where (which journal) and link of your deviation/s".

Deviation "Pathways in Time" featured for one year till 29th December 2014:

Pathways in TimeEvery second of every minute of every hour of everyday day has led to this point in time, the pathways before us are infinite, the outcome of every pathway unique upon itself, if the determination of the next one to take is based on the predilection of a prior outcome, then all your hopes and dreams will be sacrificed for the sake of your fears, if the choice is based upon your hopes and dreams then the outcome will be an intrinsic manifestation of courage, and bravery begets the empowerment of your soul and with it the fruition of the pathways before you…
Welcome to the rest of your life…
by :iconmitsubishiman:

These journals are featured because of the importance of the news and/or to help.

I am in Serious Trouble - A Call for HelpUpdate: I want to say a heartfelt thanks to all my friends and supporters, who are helping me now in my unfortunate situation! Your response is overwhelming. It means very much to me!
Update 2: I made a new friend recently, Anne. She was very kind to post an article about me on her blog. There are many more details about me, my home and my situation.
A fellow spiritual artisan needs our help

Read The Whole Story

Dear friends,
normally I don't come out if something is wrong. I am that kind of person who deals with their problems on their own. But this time I really need help otherwise I will not make it. So that's why I am reaching out to you.
Learn about my Story
Since a few years I live and work in a house t

A fellow deviant needs your HELP!Hi my friends,
I am writing this blog for a fellow deviant friend of mine, Kathy (rainylake).
She needs utter help to pay off her medical bills or may be I should say rather to get a steady life.
She is going through a lot of difficulties at the moment because she has got lung and back problems.
It would be really grateful if some of you help her by making (atleast) a small donation.
Here's where you can read her full story and donate:
Remember... your donation could change someone's life who is living at one corner of this world.

Please Help!:bulletred::rose::bulletred::rose::bulletred::rose::bulletred::rose::bulletred::rose:[Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red][Rose][Bullet; Red]
I am doing this journal on behalf of fellow deviant Dolly :icondollyprincess: Her Papa was admitted to hospital last week in a great deal of pain, it turns out he has cancer. The type he has is Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. I am familiar with this type of cancer as my own step mum suffered from it. Her Papa is single and self employed and in dire need to of medical and financial help, but as he is not one to ask for help himself, Dolly's cousin has set up a fundraising webpage for him
Any donations you are able to make would be greatly appreciated, however if you are not in a position to be able to do this it would also be appreciated if you could

Back to School after LupusA few months ago, my friend Melly was diagnosed with SLE (Systemic lupus erythematosus). She's been very sick and had to drop out of college to recover. It seems that schools are run more like businesses than academic institutions now, because when this happened they cancelled her financial aid, leaving her $1,325 in debt. This is what the school thinks they are owed and they refuse to consider any further applications to study until this amount is paid. It doesn't even touch any future tuition fees.
She's a very talented writer and was studying English Literature with hopes of becoming a teacher. But without help, that can't happen. She's set up a campaign on IndieGogo in order to help her raise the cash. If 66 people can donate $20, the debt will be paid, but any amount at all would make such a difference. I don't usually post things like this. In fact I never have. Anywhere. But as her friend, I've seen a lot of what it's done and I know it's genuine.
Please take

HELP a family suffering from WAR IN UKRAINE
WE NOW HAVE A GOFUNDME PAGE huuuge thanks to Kreoko!
Hi everyone,
Life got really tough for my friend recently, and this is probably the last chance to help her small family. This girl means the world to me, and I'm trying my best to help her, but since I'm far away from them, I'm pretty powerless alone. Which is why I really, really need your help right now.
My friend and her mom live in Luhansk, Ukraine. Not so long ago a serious war begun there, putting their lives in danger. Now there's no water, no gas and no electricity in most parts of their city, half of the city is damaged and obviously it's not safe to stay there. The family went to Kharkov for a week, but now they can't s

Please Help My Friend (And PLEASE Spread The Word)Medoriko's is in a bit of financial straits and needs all the help she can get. Please contact her for more information and/or go to this forum link: and/or this link here:
And please, please, if you can't help, spread the word.
I love you, Nadia. :huggle:

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My DeviantArt Story

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 5:15 PM
My story here on DeviantArt started about 2 years and 4 months ago. Before coming here I was already writing. I started in school times with creating short fantasy stories. And I have participated at two writing competitions in my home country without greater success except a mention in the winner books for having taken part.

I decided to try it out with an artist page. In the beginning, I was indecisive if I should enrol with DeviantArt or with Elfwood Lysator. Finally, I came to the conclusion to begin here. I visited the artist pages and here I found more of the art I can produce.

My first step here was to submit poems I have already written in English language. I also supplied a German chapter story and a French essay as well as photos from my last visit to France.

This was my very first poem, already written in the times before DeviantArt - but it was my start here:

I always have been a spiritual writer, so I was looking were to find people that was like-minded artists. By using the search function I found some kind German artists. Those were the friends I have found.

Die StreunerinSie ist eine Streunerin.
Halten kann man sie nur mit der Freiheit.
Sie kommt wenn sie es möchte und geht wie es ihr beliebt.
Doch ruft man ihren Namen, kommt sie schnell zurück.
Sie ist da wenn man sie braucht.
Manchmal unsichtbar nur im Hintergrund, manchmal genau neben dir und manchmal auch nur ein bischen abseits an der Seite.
Aber immer da.
Sie kehrt zu jenen zurück die sie so mögen wie sie ist, wo sie sich wohlfühlen und einfach sein darf.
Wo man sie nicht analysiert und immer nur nach den Fehlern sucht.
Bei einigen Wesen wird sie immer mehr daheim sein als bei anderen und manche Wege werden sich trennen.
Denn sie ist und bleibt eine Streunerin.
Wild und frei im Geiste.
Ungebunden und frei.
Demjenigen der sie nimmt wie sie ist, bietet sie immer einen Platz an ihrer Seite, ein Plätzchen in ihrer Höhle und eine Schulter für alles emotionale.
Sie ist die die auch mal über Köpfe schleckt, die Wunden heilt, mal schimpft und mal zwickt,
                                    Gargoyle-Soul by Nazgul-w                                 Spider by Lycanna

My first other friends, I have found are those, belonging to one of my first groups, I joined.

                    :icontherians-otherkins:       Therian Spirit by Migoto-Ookami                  Leap of faith by Raua

By the time, I have founded myself two groups:

       :iconhaven-for-free-souls:                :iconthewayofloveandlight: 

I have found a lot of good friends here, supporters, fans and a lot of nice people. The most active still (some have already given up their accounts) are those lovely creatures:

:iconmedoriko:, :iconlycanna:, :iconnazgul-w:, :iconoptimaldecay:, :iconfearless-frog:, :iconredstarrose:, :iconwillowtreewitch:, :iconthegalleryofeve:, :icondragonschest:, :icontyler9862:, :iconseth-ravenclaw:, :iconlindartz:, :iconpindoa:, :iconshehrozeameen:, :iconsomadjinn:, :icongratteloup:, :iconmidnightdragonchaser:, :iconwhiteplumfragrance:, :iconchromeantennae:, :iconjazewel:, :iconfallout99:, :iconzanelicious:, :iconprettyflour:, :iconshifter124:, :iconlombregrise:, :iconhypermagical:, :iconsesam-is-open:, :iconaerode:, :iconjwa2277:, :iconruuk-ve:, :iconcaptaincassieart:, :iconadyss88:, :iconmitsubishiman:, :iconjeremyarts:, :iconimaginative-lioness:, :icontutziputz:, :iconnightshade-keyblade:, :iconnotensmsk:, :iconjenny42:, :iconalwaysraincheck:, :iconmalco735:, :iconpaleauthor:, :iconshackledmuse:, :iconedges-to-everything:, :icondailylitrecognition:, :iconlissomer:, :icontrentencunningham:, :icon91816119:, :iconkagaye:, :icondogyjoe:, :iconpainted-leaf:, :icon3wyl:, :iconsilverinkblot:

Here are some good friends I have come to know without being in groups, but I like their art:
:icondofaust: and :iconpazlowq:

My first three-month-premium-membership I got from :iconnefarious069: and my cake was filled by :iconarmandacyd:
The beautiful journal skins are either from :iconheatherschoff: or :iconjeffrettalyn:

Great open-minded discussion friends I have made in the philosophy/religion forum are :iconskulkey:, :iconsmkiller:, :icongreatest-i-am:

Some of their great art:

Tiger-pyre drake by shifter124   The Sparrow by LindArtz     Fight against the storm by Nazgul-w     Traditional Painted Adoptables : Kitten by JeremyArts  

Unicorn by Jenny42    Window Full of Dreams by TheGalleryOfEve   Red Roses by redstarrose   Relaxing Day by redstarrose

Crochet Bee by redstarrose    zulu love letter by ShackledMuse    King Charles Spaniel by Zanelicious  

Whispers From the FieldsIf the moon could talk, she might have some things to tell us
The sun is all bluster out here, where light holds its breath
You may catch a veiled glimpse of things not quite right
A strand of hair, auburn, or perhaps darker
Swaying silently against a chill Texas night
A loon may call in the distance
A person could hear that and nothing else, in these deepest hours
Gone are the innocent
Gone are their songs
Gone are their destinies
Like an excavated, ancient cave
There be bones about
Stains of suffering
Grimy, granulated stories, written in the small pebbles
If shrieks could not fade
If their echo was alive
Surely they would be a chorus out here
Instead, we have all but lost the song
The radio won't pick up the proper station
Merely Whispers from the fields
Entire lives, reduced to 'animals don't wear socks'
Entire universes of experience, reduced to 'dear god in heaven'
There has to be a reckoning
Here among the whispers
There has to be an answer
Here among the dead
There has to be a
I’ve never been closer,
To the permanent entity,
Of death
Before in my life,
As I have been now.
This isn’t somethin’ you come to grips with,
Nor is it somethin' you handle,
With a wave of a hand, flick of the wrist,
Or bat of an eye.
You’re more like having a bat’s eyesight,
Near-blind because you can hardly see,
What’s coming to be
Nor what may arise.
It’s so fast,
So unexpected,
Unrelenting in its pursuit,
And unwavering in its impact.
Shaking anyone who comes into contact,
With the whiff of death that consumes the air,
And constricts our breathing passages,
As you see someone you love,
Go down in flames and fadin’.
In (and out) the nebula of smoke.
Death isn’t so scary.
Disappearing is.
Just say goodbye,
(I love you.)
Before you die.
    MonolithsIn the land of dreams, I am a tree.
Under my branches, I've grown fruit and shade.
I give, as only I can.
But how do I grow in this forest?
Where I lay at the feet of the colossi,
Blotting out the sun?
Do not take me for a bitter stump,
I do not begrudge the fruits of your labour
Or mock the pains you surely took.
I only ask that you not scorn me.
I only hope I will not tarry.
Or forget those under my canopy.
    THE DRIFTERThe darkest blue had caught his eye,
limitless across the sky;
still he walked the quiet streets,
blackened shadows kissed his feet.
A drifter had he been, till now,
for peace his mind would not allow;
tears began to flow from he,
this man who faces destiny.
No wind to cool his burning face,
his sleeping heart began to race;
'City Limits’ read the sign,
walking on, he crossed the line.
The dead were scattered all around,
and from the city came no sound;
that ball of fire in the sky,
all but he had seemed to die.
His family he had hoped to find,
reverence crept into his mind;
finally now his search would end,
standing still as was the wind.
The house was quiet, still as night,
he used a lantern as his light;
his eyes now seeing what he dread,
for there he found his family dead.
T’was here the drifter met his fate,
with no more need to contemplate;
the pistol fired, the drifter fell,
to only see another hell.  
Now the sky was red with blood,
the rai
    Rub'i of Lost LoveA dream, my love, a dream you will remain
For this aching heart lost you, all in vain
I wish - oh, how I wish - for you, moonlight
Sorrow forlorn; for you I accept pain

Ode to the wilted CamelliaIt all began with a smile...
The freshly awaken Camellia, morning's wonder
Highlighted even on a rubies' field
She was her own spring sun ; a mellifluous beauty
The gullible Camellia, tricked by this charming rose
Got stung to the blood, cleaned out of her inner light.
Another victim of this world's rottenness
The saddening outcome of a barbaric act.
The daughter of Nature got fouled
Reeked of the rose's stench  
Acid rain poured on this virgin sprout
And lost her blossom forever
She dreams of nightmares, craves forgetfulness
Floods of tears under the bloody moon
Her desperate and heartbreaking screams 
shatter the icy silence of the Withering Night. 
Eternity may not be long enough
For the Camellia to shed all her sorrow -
Oh ruthless Scythe! 
You sent to the skies such a pretty Camellia.
...It all ended with a bullet.
    The Dream ~ Prologue
"August, she's having the dream."
Those words greeted him like cold water in his face. Ice froze his veins over as a withering sigh came from his lips.
"It's time."
He could almost picture Odette's worried face as he hung up the phone, his hand shaking as he leaned heavily on his cane. Shuffling towards his study, leaning to his left to balance himself out, August Savage moved into his bedroom, which was very dark and cave like. However his eyes were still as sharp as an eagle's, he didn't need anything but the low light that was coming in from outside the bedroom to see be as he shuffled around the bed and came to his desk on the far side of the room where he stopped to pay his respects to the only picture sitting upon it.
He, as a much younger man stood, with his arms around three others; his wife, daughter, and son. The picture has been taken in 1970, when his children had been twelve and ten, respectively. They were gone now, two out of his life forever. His daughter had been his o

Firewood Dragon by pindoa   a window in my world by mitsubishiman   Chutes du Diable Waterfall IV - Exclusive HDR by somadjinn   Ground Zero At Multanomah Falls by OptimalDecay   Tigger by redstarrose

Zoey in bed by LindArtz   Mont Saint-Michel - Exclusive Autumn Warm HDR by somadjinn   Iris by adyss88   Statue by the Lake by Jenny42

My purpose here is to help people with constructive criticism and commenting their works as well as to read behind the lines or the pictures. I would like to spread love and positivism and give young artists more self-confidence in their art.
In my time here, I also have learned a lot. I have improved my photography techniques (thanks to great advices from artists) and have expanded my range of literature from only spiritual and nature to far more topics. Starting with only free verse, I have experimented with traditional forms.
I know that I could do far more for the community, but now I just have to whisper "thanks". Thanks to DeviantArt and to its people here for their open-mindedness and tolerance (you will not find this always here but the most time) :)

I am also doing commissions of various kind for points and now holding my first own contest.

Celebration Festival Contest (Sev.Topics/Prizes)Nothing is without a reason:
I have passed examination. Probably you would say that this is nothing impressive, but in my case it is in several regards.
I have taken part at something that is called "quality check" in my country. It says: "If you are older than 45 years and want to become indespensible for your company...." Well, I took part at some kind of further studies. One third was paid by social fonds (of chancellor Mrs. Merkel), one third was raised out of student's fonds and one third I paid myself. Funny thing I absolved that "quality check" and passed my 2 1/2 years further studies as "Logistikmeister/in", I think it can be translated "Warehouse Manager".
The profession of "Logistikmeister" has only been existing since 2004. First trainings started in 2007. So, the job is relative new and it is a men's domain. I am the first Hessian female entering this men's domain with success. (Another point of joy).
So, for me that is a Celeb

In recent times, the greatest honor for me was to become a foreign language admin for DLR. There are so many literary works that did not get enough recognition because of language barriers. I am glad that I can help foreign artists (French and German) to get more reputation.




Journal Skin by: HeatherSchoff


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Das ist doch gerne geschehen, und das Werk war es auch wert. Du solltest mehr schreiben :)
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Hehe ;3 Ich uh, schreibe vergleichsweise viel, aber ich lade nicht mal einen Bruchteil davon hoch ^^". Aber vielen Dank, vielleicht werde ich das ändern ツ
Malintra-Shadowmoon Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Zumindest brauche ich zum Featurn deutsche Literatur oder französische ^^
Ich habe leider nur zwei deutsche Stücke bei dir entdeckt.
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Pajunen Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the :+fav:
Malintra-Shadowmoon Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You are very welcome :)
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